Bopha Devi in Melbourne used Wildside Villas as an example of ecologically sustainable building

We are surprised to find photos of Wildside Villas popping up on social media from a Cambodian restaurant in Melbourne, Bopha Devi Docklands.

On their website, they described Wildside Villas as a resort with an emphasis on ecology sustainability. To be honest, we used what we could, material-wise, when we built Wildside Villas. However, we did try out our best to be both ecology-friendly and economical when building it:

In Sihanoukville, a group of predominantly young Australian expats are turning Otres beach into the Byron Bay of Cambodia. Emphasis is on ecologically sustainable buildings. The pictures are an example of a bar and guesthouse called, the ‘Wildside Villas Otres’.

Check out

Bopha Devi Docklands Melbourne

Bopha Devi Docklands Melbourne

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