Little Brook Rd named Wildside Villas the Must Sleep of Otres

Little Brook Road Travel Blog

Little Brook Road Travel Blog

We are all very pleased when Wildside Villas was named the Must Sleep of Otres review by Little Brook Road. While Papa Pippo is a Must Eat and Saturday Night Market at The Barn is a Must Do. What’s really interesting is the Must Find in Otres is black dog. You have to read the review to find out 🙂

Little Brook Road is a travel blog started by a girl and a boy who fell in love and the world. They decided to sell their house in Amsterdam, quit their jobs and travel the world. It is very romantic. But what I admire most is their courage to pursue their life goals.

They also commit themselves to write a travel blog each week to give an insider scoop of things they think are worth sharing. They will explore the wilderness (Must See), get really fat by eating yummy food (Must Eat), test their limits with sports (Must Do), sleep in awesome places (Must Sleep), and search for hidden gems (Must Find).

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